Friday, October 7, 2022

Welcome to the Diffracted Word

Hello, and welcome! This site aims to be a mini-blog about technology, scientific careers and SMEs.

Mini. Articles will be short. We all have a lot to do in our days.

Technology. Demystifying a specialist field, explaining innovations’ journeys “from the lab to the fab”, and into our lives.

Career. Scientific careers are still, sometimes, shrouded in mystery. Like all paths, they are more varied than we think. Here again, demystifying.

SME. Small and Medium Entreprises operating in the STEM arena (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are extremely varied, and oftentimes difficult to find. This is my register of European-based STEM SMEs.

I do not have the time to interact properly on all possible channels, so I decided to close comments on this site. Reach me on LinkedIn where we can discuss or respectfully disagree, and where you can ask me questions or suggest topics you would like to read about.

To know who I am, it’s this way.

I hope you enjoy this site!