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Hello, and welcome to The Diffracted Word! You are here if you love languages, their scripts, their sounds, their structures and the cultures they represent.

Languages are just like us, alive. After all any language is its community of speakers before anything else. They are born, they change, they die, too: in that sense, writing about languages is writing about our whole humanity. It’s writing about the past, the present and the future, the here and the there, the intimate and the alien. This makes many topics about languages political by definition, like the policies that save or further endanger minority languages, or how to integrate migrants into another language group. Put it simply, our view is that any language deserves respect, because its speakers do too.

This is not a blog for learning languages, but rather for learning about them. There are already many incredible resources out there to you in your learning journey, and we will give them the credit they deserve. This blog is dedicated to discovering our planet through the linguistic window.

Please contribute: comment, react, or even write with us
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